‘The walk’ of my Vans life …

So my partner has a passion in life too … walking! All he ever wants to do is walk, here there and everywhere. I wouldn’t mind so much if there was a pub at the end of each walk and the walks were not too long but … the walks he thinks up are hours long with a lack of pubs on route?

So last night he walked in from work and I will give it to him the weather was beautiful. We decided to go for a walk which I specified must be a Vans suitable walk and not a walking boots walk. So we set off in my lovely grey vans, we walked for miles and miles, further and further away from home – of which jack spent at least an hour on the phone to various people. This allowed for me to admire the traffic on the M1 as we walked past and the busses and boy racers flying down the 505.

Eventually … after about 2 hours of aimless walking I spotted the Wetherspoons and it did not take much persuading to get him inside for a pint which led on to another pint and dinner! Nights like this are my favourite nights! Until I realised that I still had to walk home and it was now around 9.30.

So we set off, my vans still holding me in good stead just the rest of my body flagging. We walked what he thought was the quickest, most direct way but it took ages… I was so pleased to finally be able to see my house and get my Vans off my feet. Now I have to say that the Vans did a good job, my feet were comfortable and they saw me over tarmac, grass and mud. When I got home like any pair of shoes it was a relief to get them off my feet.

The next morning – Good, non-achy feet with zero blisters! Usually i suffer blisters but never from my Vans!

It my eyes they are the best shoes ………

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