Slippers …

So here we go, a slightly different post for today …Slippers.

Now slippers have many mixed views… babies spent time kicking them off, toddlers make them very cute, children don’t bother because at that age shoes in general are just a no go. Teenagers wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair because like my sister… they have a rep to maintain and then there is people like me who have settled and love nothing more than the comfort of a pair of slippers! I believe this still only applies to women, I don’t know any men under the age of 40 with a pair of slippers – they are men and clearly don’t feel the cold! But … before we know it we will be pensioners forgetting to change out of our slippers to go to the shops … what we have to look forward to!

Every christmas just like 99% of the populations I get new slippers … always fluffy, usually badly patterned and just not the look I am going for. They are quickly disbanded and I pull out my old trusted silver slippers.

As I was growing up I never wore slippers, i hated wearing shoes at all really, I would be the one outside in all weathers barefoot, I was and still am the one that leave socks all over the house and slippers in the walk ways. Slippers were something I resorted to if my feet were on the verge of frost bite. Never the less recently my slippers have had more use than they have in the past 3 years I have owned them. If you read my first blog post you will know I just bought my first house and my partner does not like to spend money – hence I am always cold! My slippers have become my saviour, my best friends but also they are making me feel old before my time. When you think of slippers you think of your grandparents but it’s not true, the right pair of slippers is out the for you and will not add on 40 years to you!

Now my trusty slippers are from Next, I saw my aunty had a navy pair a few christmas’ ago and I fell in love, quickly in the Boxing day sales I purchased a pair in Silver. Although … the novelty soon wore off! It wasn’t until a few months ago that I started getting the use out of them and since then they have been in the wash several times and have started to become a little tatty.

This is all very well but there is a problem … Next have stopped selling my beautiful slippers … I need help … I need advice … I need new slippers!

So whoever you are, wherever you are please offer your advice…

What has been you best slippers? Where were they from? How much? Send me a link??

I await in angst,

Cold Feet x