New Sandals …

So as we all know the current state of BHS is not too great… this is a very sad time for many including employees and shoppers. BHS has been such a well known shop for many for so many years and now it’s fate is less that prosperous.

From the negatives you must look at the positive side … and to me that was SALES! You may think that BHS is more for the older generation, your parents and grandparent but really it does have some good stuff. Last Weekend I nipped in to see if I could grab any bargains in their sales.

Upon arrival I had sandals in my head… suitable for school … and the first pair I picked up were destined for my feet. When I looked I was extremely disappointed to see they didn’t have my size left… upon chance I tried on a size bigger and they turned out to be perfect – I was meant to have these shoes!


Also they were meant to be £18  and in the sale they were £13! BARGAIN!

Off I went to pay for them…

Now I have them home so lets see how they fair…


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