High Heel Boots …

My beloved high heel boots, my pride and joy!

So at the beginning of the year I ‘popped’ into New Look with no intentions on making a purchase and came out with several items of clothing and beautiful new boots!

As much as I love stilettos I can’t wear them all day, every day. I am not the lightest of women so I often plunge for heels because they are so slimming but on a day to day basis working as a teacher to small children stilettos would be a crazy option! I am always desperate to dress up and wear my heels but I have always felt that heels were a no go during the day … until I found my new look boots.

I couldn’t be happier that thick heels have come in! They make me smile! they allow for me to feel slimmer all day everyday with comfort too. They are just the right hight and I can wear them without feeling pain or blisters.

I would recommend these boots if your like me! Also they are suitable for every occasion, work, dinner, dancing and any other occasion, I have even ran in them!


New Look have a fantastic range of all types of shoes, especially boots. See the picture for my boots if your interested but if they are just not your style click the New Look link – They are guaranteed to have the right boots for you!


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